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Tim recently uploaded an episode on his difficulties with the podcast. But missing from this diatribe was the Bert to his Ernie. The Zan to his Jayna. The Nelson brother standing on the cover of After The Rain to his Nelson brother who is sitting on that same album cover. So today he’s re-joined with his friend Bob to react, rebute and regroup as co-hosts.

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An Outrageous Contagion

At eleven years old I wanted to be Jem.

To be clear, I didn’t want to date her (my pre-puberty emissions were already a-washed over the Prime-adjacent chassis of Elita-1). Rather, this idolization stemmed from the animated lifestyle this drawing of a person lived. She was new wave in the 80s-est fashion of the word and she was assisted in this pop appearance by Skynet’s more sociable sister Synergy, a self-aware holographic projecting computer that chose Jane Fonda’s Workout book as its avatar. The kismet of those two granted a glimpse of how I could appear, neon-shocked with a mane of pink atop the glam applications of Anne Magnuson, pre-Making Mr. Right.



20TH CENTURY POP! is a pop culure podcast that tries to understand the present while living in the past. Each episode hosts Bob and Tim sift through a comic box of cars that are robots, Mogwai that are Gremlins and Misfits that probably aren't the same Misfits who penned "Last Caress." Its a ruining of their childhood that might explain how they became adults.

NOT A HOLOGRAM is a weekly column in which ‘80s through ‘90s hold-over Tim Blevins wonders if the 20th Century still matters.

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BOB CANNING is a collector of M.U.S.C.L.E.S and MAD BALLS  He once piloted VOLTRON to defend a HOT WHEELS FOLD-AND-GO tuned to the score of HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS. He’s friends with FRIENDS, cheers CHEERS and constructs with CONSTRUX.

As a cartoonist he created the webcomic MY EXAGGERATED LIFE which follows his real-life family through the trials and tribulations of a fake comic strip life.  Follow him on TWITTER @rhcanning and let him know what makes a perfect mixtape.


TIM BLEVINS is an AUTOBOT scholar, HOLOGRAMS groupie, EWOK fanatic and ELFMAN disciple.  His favorite band is THE REPLACEMENTS, his pop idol is RICHARD LEWIS and his ideal interview would be with the guy who accidentally unleashed THE INHUMANOIDS. 

In addition to poly-bagging LOVE AND ROCKETS he is the writer/director of the film SUBSTITUTE CULTURE as well as the upcoming web-series NEVERMIND GAIMAN AND NOOSE.  You can follow him on TWITTER @subcultist.