EFFIN’ SPOILERS-“The Usual Suspects” (1995): This week is all heists-a-poppin as Bob indulges a genre favorite from his early 20s.  But as he recounts his love for sharing this film he finds Tim struggling with both this movie AND a head-cold.  Hopefully there’s still space for discussion amongst the nasal discord.  BE FOREWARNED: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS EPISODE ENTITLED “EFFIN’ SPOILERS”.

Episode Summary


00:00:11 - UNLICENSED AUDIO CLIP - “Keyser Soze”

00:00:51 - AUGUST 16th 1995 - “It’s a heist movie? / "Suspect Device" 

00:05:19 - ROUND UP - Who are the suspects?

00:07:19 - SPOILER #1 - "Who is Keyser Soze?”

00:13:56 - 90s NOIR - Too Cool For Pre-School

00:21:10 - FILM SHARE - Showing your favorite movies to other people

00:25:40 - SPOILER #2 - “Jaws”

00:26:08 - AGE APPROPRIATENESS - Kids can handle “The Goonies”

00:29:38 - STAR WARS REFERENCE - Kids don’t like “A New Hope”?

00:31:21 - BUFFERING EXPECTATIONS - The shadow specter of talking up a movie

00:34:36 - FAN THEORY - An open interpretation of Keyser Soze

00:38:42 - 90s NOIR REDUX - Does “The Usual Suspects” hold up?

00:43:12 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Who’s Johnny?”

Watch the original theatrical trailer for 1995’s THE USUAL SUSPECTS HERE

Watch a very young Bryan Singer discuss making this film with CHARLIE ROSE HERE

Listen to Kevin Pollak talk about first reading the script of THE USUAL SUSPECTS HERE

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“Suspect Device” performed by Stiff Little Fingers off their 1979 debut album “INFLAMMABLE MATERIAL”

“Who’ Johnny?”“ performed by El Debarge from the 1986 Tri-Star Pictures feature film "SHORT CIRCUIT.”

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