BEFORE YOU WERE BORN - “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha … in Hell”  Today Bob and Tim are looking at two staples of their childhood that predate their own birth rite. First up is the afternoon syndication staple THE BRADY BUNCH followed by visceral cinematic experience of THE EXORCIST.  Fans of demonic horror might enjoy the first half while fans of kid’s comedy … the second.

Episode Summary

00:00:00 - UNLICENSED AUDIO CLIP - Good night Regan

00:00:45 - BACKDOOR PILOT - Couple Of Mugs with Bob And Tim / “Sunshine Day”

00:07:08 - OF A DIFFERENT TIME - introducing a new segment

00:08:10 - TIME CIRCUITS ARE GO: 1969 - watching THE BRADY BUNCH

00:12:45 - PETER’S BURDEN - Bob can relate

00:18:32 - SURPRISINGLY PROGRESSIVE - Social commentary in the Brady house

00:20:16 - OUT OF THE LOOP - Bobby Brady has come unstuck in time

00:29:23 - BRADY OR BELVEDERE - another stellar new segment

00:33:54 - TIME CIRCUITS ARE GO: 1973 - scared by THE EXORCIST

00:38:24 - NOT A MAN-CAVE - Friday night movie rentals

00:41:50 - UNPREPARED FOR THIS - why The Exorcist was so scary

00:47:52 - HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS - That terrifying face and a Universal theme park

00:52:20 - A DIFFERENCE IN HORROR - why The Exorcist is still so scary

01:00:56 - A BEATLES-LIKE MANIA - fandom that predates us

01:04:28 - POP FIVE - Favorite Brady Bunch Episodes / “Think”

01:07:19 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Good Time Music”

01:10:13 - UNLICENSED AUDIO CLIP PART II - Confronting Jan / “Tubular Bells”

Watch the Silver Platters perform their hit song “SUNSHINE DAY” live (?) on the Pete Sterne Amateur Hour HERE.

Watch The Brady Kids strangulate the good sense of harmony in their song “Good Time Music” HERE.

Watch the original 1973 movie trailer for William Friedkin’s THE EXORCIST HERE.

The use of audio and video clips linked from YOUTUBE are for educational purposes and without the expressed permission of their legal holding companies.  All rights remain with with their original distributor.

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“Sunshine Day” performed by The Brady Bunch Kids from their 1972 album “THE KIDS FROM THE BRADY BUNCH”

“Think” as composed by Merv Griffin and featured on the long-running Sony Pictures television gameshow “JEOPARDY”

“Good Time Music” performed by The Brady Kids and available on the 1996 original motion picture soundtrack to “A VERY BRADY SEQUEL”

“Tubular Bells” as composed by Mike Oldfield and featured in the original 1973 motion picture soundtrack for the film “THE EXORCIST.”

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.


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