BINGE AND PODCAST - “Nerds of the 1980s unite!” (1985):  Bob may have once impacted the entire course of TV history.  And on today’s episode he shares that deep and darker secret alongside a discussion of the ‘80s cult TV show,  "MISFITS OF SCIENCE.“ Come for the Courtney Cox and stay for the Willie from ALF.

Episode Summary

00:00:00 - UNLICENSED AUDIO CLIP - "We’re A Couple Of Misfits ”

00:00:19 - INTRO - Bob & Tim introduce a new segment/ “Weird Science”

00:02:09 -WIKI TWEAKS - too much Pogs but just enough Rob Reiner

00:07:53 - AUDIENCE RESPONSIBILITY - Bob got a show cancelled

00:12:18 - FRIDAY VIEWING HABITS - how did Tim miss this?

00:15:21 - LESSON IN FINALITY - even tv shows must end

00:17:45 - STAR WARS REFERENCE - Tim wasn’t into bikinis

00:19:28 - FEBRUARY 7th, 1986 - Watching the final 3 episodes of MISFITS OF SCIENCE

00:21:36 - NERD CULTURE - '80s geeks vs. geeks of today

00:23:43 -KIT-BASHED SHOW - clip episode, dream episode or whatever they wanted to do

00:28:14 - OUR CAST OF OUTCASTS- Dr. Hayes, Dr. Lincoln, Ms. Nance and Johnny B.

00:32:18 - '80s AMALGAMATION  - so many references

00:36:36 - BASTARDS OF YOUNG - an open eff you to network television

00:43:19 - RETURNING CRUSH - It’s Courtney Cox

00:48:15 - GEEKLY PROGRESSIVE - more middle fingers to more tv of the time

00:51:39 - THAT 80s TROPE - here’s your standard MISFITS episode

00:54:26 - EXPERIMENTAL FARE - did MISFITS find its audience?

01:01:58 -  FINAL ANALYSIS - does MISFITS OF SCIENCE hold up?

01:06:22 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Misfits Of Science”

Visit the comprehensive fan site SCIENCE OF MISFITS for a look back at the production and legacy of this cult TV series HERE .  

WIKI LEAKS SUPPLEMENT:  Become further disenchanted with the topic of Tim’s POGS discussion HERE and then watch Bob’s primary source on the original ending to WHEN HARRY MET SALLY HERE .

Watch the opening credit intro to MISFITS OF SCIENCE HERE.

Take a break from Remington Steele with the 1986 promo for MISFITS OF SCIENCE HERE

Follow-up Friday night’s Knight Rider with this promise of upcoming Misfits HERE

Then relive what must have been a night for Emmy consideration  HERE

(Maybe) stream episodes of MISFITS OF SCIENCE on YOUTUBE (and then question the legality of it all later?) 

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“We’re A Couple Of Misfits” performed by Hermey and Rudolph from the original 1964 soundtrack album “RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER" 

"Weird Science (Movie Version)” as performed by OINGO BOINGO and featured on the 1985 original motion picture soundtrack “WEIRD SCIENCE”

“Misfits Of Science (Main Title Theme)” performed by Karen Lawrence for the opening title sequence of the 1985 NBC television series “MISFITS OF SCIENCE”

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.


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