OEUVRE-COMPENSATING - “Horns, harmonicas and a little too much harmonica”:  This week Bob and Tim take a look at  Sean, Johnny, Bill, Chris and Mario; a pop/rock/jazz ensemble who were hipper than most at the height of 80s pop radio.  Yes .. just those 5 guys.  DETROIT!

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - his full body of work

00:00:40 - WITHOUT A SCRIPT - never too timely / “The Heart Of Rock And Roll" 

00:02:22 - WIKI TWEAKS - burning Beatles and celebrity landlines

00:12:16 - FOR THE FANS - approaching Huey Lewis

00:18:06 - POP, ROCK OR WHAT? -what does this sound like?

00:25:04 - ALBUM COVERS - who are "and the news”

00:31:12 - GOOD SPORTS - an A side of hits

00:33:45 - CUE SOLO - Tim has some opinions on the harmonica

00:36:49 - B SIDE - Bob connects with the music

00:44:24 - MOVING FORE-WARD - the News we know

00:52:17 - SMALL WHIRL -  a momentary return to unfamiliar roots

00:58:00 - HARD TO PLAY - side two becomes too familiar

01:04:55 - ADULT CONTEMPORARIES  -  keeping up with the News

01:10:41 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Do You Believe In Love”

See what first got Bob into the band with their 1983 video for “The Heart Of Rock And Roll” HERE

Then watch the same video Tim is watching because Bob told him to with this well-acted extended version of “Doing It All For My Baby” HERE

Follow that with an alternate version of the band’s “Power Of Love” video that was never erased from existence HERE.

And end it all with the first seven seconds of this video for “Give Me The Keys (And I’ll Drive You Crazy)” HERE.

The use of audio and video clips linked from YOUTUBE are for educational purposes and without the expressed permission of their legal holding companies.  All rights remain with with their original distributor.

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“The Heart Of Rock An Roll” performed by The News and Huey Lewis off their 1983 rock-album SPORTS.

“Do You Believe In Love” as sung by Huey Lewis and the New off their 1982 release PICTURE THIS.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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