COMICS A TROIS -  "Yay, its not Superman III" (1980): On a first for the show, Bob and Tim invite a third super-friend into their (normally) Hall Of Just-Us.  Its Brent Simons and, not only is he the co-writer of the animated Dreamworks film MEGAMIND he is also one of the few “actual” people Tim has heard refer to the character as “Supes.”  Hear everyone talk over everyone else in today’s look back at Kal-El the second

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PROMO - Loathe theme from 20popcast / “Love Theme from Superman”

00:00:55 - BOB & TIM WITH … - Brent Simons screenwriter of “MEGAMIND / "Superman”

00:03:47 - WIKI TWEAKS - Misheard oboes and going to the device

00:13:36 - A MAN WHO COULD FLY - How SUPERMAN II was made for “me”

00:21:36 - COMIC TROPES - thought balloons and Brent hates Archie  

00:31:05- CLARK OR KAL-EL - the tragic conundrum of a secret identity

00:45:00 - BATMAN V SUPERMAN V SUPERMAN II - Zack Snyder might not get Superman

00:51:43 - ERNEST DESPITE CAMP - at the core of a couple of guys in capes

00:57:15 - SOME GOOFY MOVIES - these are characters for kids … right?

01:01:40 - SUPERMAN II RETURNS - finally (kind of) talking about Superman II

01:10:42 - STOP SHARING UNIVERSES - where are the new ideas?

01:15:31 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Pow, Bam Zonk”

Watch the original theatrical trailer for SUPERMAN II (featuring both the Eiffel Tower and the moon) HERE.

See a series of cut scenes from SUPERMAN II that were restored to its original ABC television broadcast HERE.

Catch three of the four parts to a 1980s documentary on the making of SUPERMAN II right HERE.

Tolerate Bob’s favorite scene from a comic book movie HERE.

And, most importantly, check out the original theatrical trailer for MEGAMIND, the animated Dreamworks feature film co-created and written by today’s guest Brent Simons HERE.

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“Love Theme From Superman” as composed and conducted by John Williams for the 1978 soundtrack to SUPERMAN: THE MOTION PICTURE.

“Superman” as covered by REM off their 1986 album LIFE’S RICH PAGEANT.

“Pow! Bam! Zonk!” performed by some guy dressed as Superman in an actual 1968 Broadway musical entiled “IT’S A BIRD … IT’S A PLANE … IT’S SUPERMAN." 

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