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TV GENOME: “It’s the Dance Of Joy … followed by Kirk Cameron’s Rapture.”  This week, Bob and Tim are looking for musical inspiration in the most 80s of places … primetime television sitcoms.  So come hum along with a stay-at-home psychologist,  a Meposian refugee and a vacuum cleaner’s dance partner, all before 9pm. 

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - Blowin’ off the dust

00:00:27 - IT’S MEMORIAL DAY - Well … it WAS Memorial Day /  / “TV Party”

00:02:36 - WIKI TWEAKS - Segment order and Tim is aware of Back To The Future

00:05:50 -  WEEKNIGHTS ON ABC - TV theme songs from our youth

00:07:28 - GROWING PAINS - You can’t fake photos / “As Long As We Got Each Other”

00:13:18 - CLIP BAIT - previous scenes in a weekly sequence

00:18:47 - MIGHTY, MIGHTY META-SEAVERS - Alan Thicke can see me?

00:21:25 - WHO’S THE BOSS? - Micelli Begins / “Brand New Life”

00:30:31 - MONA, MONA  - the “As Someone” credit

00:36:03 - ON THE AM - an easier listening theme song

00:37:40 - PERFECT STRANGERS - “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now”

00:40:39 - MANIPULATED VISTAS - The (far too) epic ballad of Larry Appleton

00:47:36 - THAT TGIF SOUND AND VISION - elevating the emotional scope

00:51:18 - CHANGING THEIR TUNE - loosing that group sing-along

01:00:32 - SCORE! … AND CLOSINGS - Bob makes a request of the listeners followed by contacts, plugs and no catchphrase /  “As Days Go By”

Watch the Seaver family break your fourth wall with the season 3 opener to GROWING PAINS HERE

See Tony meet Angela and then put the moves on a vacuum cleaner in the opening title sequence for WHO’S THE BOSS HERE.

Experience the triumphant human experience of cousins Larry and Balki making their way through the winds of downtown Chicago with the original opening credits sequence to PERFECT STRANGERS HERE.

Find out why that cop from Die Hard matters so much to his family with this opening title sequence from FAMILY MATTERS HERE.

The use of audio and video clips linked from YOUTUBE are for educational purposes and without the expressed permission of their legal holding companies.  All rights remain with with their original distributor.

This episode of 20TH CENTURY POPCAST was recorded by ZENCASTR, a high fidelity podcast recording platform that records multiple guests from multiple zip-codes all as if they were in the same room.   Log on for studio quality recordings NOW! (exclamation point also provided by ZENCASTR)


“TV Party” performed by Black Flag off their 1982 EP TV PARTY.

“As Long As We Got Each Other” performed by B.J. Thomas and Jennifer Warnes from the ABC original television sitcom “GROWING PAINS”

“Brand New Life” as sung by Steve Wariner for the 1986 season of the ABC program “WHO’S THE BOSS”

“Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now” performed by David Pomeranz for the ABC primetime sitcom “PERFECT STRANGERS”

“As Day Go By” performed by Jesse Frederick for the ABC original primetime sitcom “FAMILY MATTERS”

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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