ORIGIN STORIES:  “Penguins, parodies and politics I didn’t get.”  After months of TV, film and more TV, Bob and Tim are finally taking the time to read something. And that something is BLOOM COUNTY, the classic comic strip dissection of the 80s at large.   So find out who read it daily, who got it in book form and whose life was forever altered by its creative influence.  And probably a crude joke or two.

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - Band width and bad grain

00:00:52 - EMPOWERED OPENER - still inspired by a prior theme / “The Secret Of My Success”

00:02:35 - WIKI TWEAKS - Mis-pronouncements and billboard placements

00:09:06 -  CLASSIC OF WESTERN LITERATURE - getting their daily dose of Bloom County

00:14:00 - ANCIENT BOOKSTORES AND THEIR TOONS FOR OUR TIMES - excavating book shelves

00:21:51 - FUNNY ANIMALS AND A CLOSET OF ANXIETY - roll call of characters and Tim relates to Binkley.

00:30:14 - ITS EASIER TO PRONOUNCE TRUDEAU - How this isn’t Doonesbury

00:32:31 - RELATIVE IMMEDIACY OF AN EVOLVING EPIC - character arcs and storylines on a day-to-day basis

00:39:14 - SNOT-NOSED SATIRE IN THE AGE OF HYPOCRISY - making fun of your immediate surroundings

00:43:46 - CANNING DREAMS AND STRANGER THINGS -  how all this got Bob into cartooning

00:49:48 - POLITICAL CLIMATE CHANGE - coping with Trump one panel at a time

00:58:23 - HAPPY TRAILS … ‘TILL WE COME RIGHT BACK - ending with the end of the 80s before continuing on

01:03:48 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrases / “Take On Me”

Read a 2009 VICE magazine interview with creator Berkley Breathed HERE.

Watch a 2016 interview with this (still) same author on the DIANE REHM SHOW, discussing his decision to return to Bloom County HERE.

And (finally) hear the author pronounce his own name and more for about half an hour at the 2016 New York Comic-con HERE.

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“The Secret Of My Success” performed by Night Ranger from the 1987 original motion picture soundtrack “SECRET OF MY SUCCESS”.

“Take On Me” performed by A-Ha from their 1985 album “Hunting High And Low” and your first IPOD.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist

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