POOP CULTURE:  “When Dave Coulier was considered genius.”  Who’s a fan of the Family Circus?  Not Me.  As pop culture connoisseurs, Bob and Tim know not every bite of nostalgia can please the palette.  And today they are looking back on two childhood favorites that have since soured in taste.  Have mercy.

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - sponsored by Nabisco (“oooo”)

00:00:23 - A MATTER OF TASTE - changing our tune on past pop culture / “HatePaperDoll”

00:06:45 - THE BIG-TIME TANNER TUNE-IN - Bob as a “Full House” fanatic

00:13:41 - THE BIG-TIME TANNER TURN-OFF - looking for comedy in the televised world

00:18:54 - FOREVER IN RERUNS - will Bob watch this with his kids?

00:20:28 - THE ANDY KAUFMAN DUALITY - Stamos, Saget and how this isn’t the Brady Bunch

00:25:41 - SINGLE PANEL PARISHIONER - Tim was Keane on “The Family Circus”  

00:30:26 - SINGLE PANEL APOSTASY - What Would Bertrand Russel Do?

00:36:51 - REFRIGERATOR FODDER - childish gateways to discovering art

00:43:51 - THREE RING FAMILY CIRCUS  - Bob and Tim play a new game

00:49:34 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase /  “Everything About You”

Hum along with the interminable full length theme to Bob’s early teens HERE.

Visit an alternate Earth where John Posey is the Bob Saget you deserve HERE.

See what no one else was watching in the early 80s with this FAMILY CIRCUS Valentine’s special HERE

Be bored out of your mind with this interminable FAMILY CIRCUS Christmas special HERE

And skip down a path to Hell with this nightmare inducing FAMILY CIRCUS Easter special HERE.

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“HatePaperDoll” performed by Husker Du off their 1985 album FLIP YOUR WIG.

“Everything About You”” performed by Ugly Kid Joe off the 1991 E.P UGLY AS THEY WANT TO BE that is probably somewhere in that box of CDs you left in your parents’ basement.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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