SUMMER OF SUMMERTIME SUMMER: “Embracing the season by staying indoors.”  Summer of 1989 was a big t-shirt year.  And not (just) because of modern decency.  On today’s episode, Bob and Tim head back to ask if that particular cinema season of Last Crusades, Final Frontiers and Robert Wuhl was the biggest and bestest one ever.  So mow that neighbor’s lawn, count out your allowance and hop in your friend’s parents’ car, we are about to smuggle some Skittles into the local movie theater.    

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - “Albert you’re a genius”

00:00:25 - SUMMERTIME, SUMMERTIME, SUM-SUM, SUMMERTIME, 1989 - biggest summer of blockbusters ever? / “At First Sight”

00:05:11 - PRECEDING MEMORIAL DAY - Round kicks, Cadillacs and a Holy grail.

00:16:10 - HULK VERITE - Tim gives too much time to “No Holds Barred”

00:21:41 - BATTLEFIELD JUNE - here’s two contenders for the box office throne

00:29:55 - POP CULTURE OVERDRIVE - the mania of that summer’s biggest hit

00:40:01 - 80S IN JULY - action stars come back for seconds

00:45:16 - SOMETHING TO LAUGH ABOUT - A couple comedies to break up the calamity

00:49:14 - INTO THE ABYSS OF AUGUST - that obvious pun and an unfortunate import

00:56:13 - SPOILER ALERT - Bob (and its title) ruins “Eddie And The Cruisers II”

00:59:04 - FINAL ANALYSIS - was 1989 the greatest summer of movies ever?

00:59:33 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase /  “Magic”

Watch star Sigourney Weaver talks to Arsenio Hall about  what Tim was sure was going to be his favorite movie of 1989 HERE.  (clip courtesy of LexThe Robot on YOUTUBE)

Experience the hard-hitting journalism double-punch that was John Tesh and Mary Hart (or is it Leeza Gibbons)in this Entertainment Tonight expose on the summer in discussion HERE.

Kick off your summertime camp-out with the cosmic spectacle of sci-fi effects work featured HERE.

And witness the prophetic promise Warner Brothers studios made of the biggest blockbusting draw this summer season would offer HERE.

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“At First Sight” performed by The Stems off their 1987 album AT FIRST SIGHT, VIOLETS ARE BLUE as well as Tim’s cassette copy of the YOUNG EINSTEIN original motion picture soundtrack (thanks Nate).

“Magic” performed by The Cars from that pop-new-wave-1984 masterpiece,  HEARTBEAT CITY.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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