TOYS OF SUMMER: “Giant tape decks, tiny airplanes and whatever that Sharkticon was supposed to be.” (1984):  Its the heat of the summer so Tim is heading down to the local beach with a bucket full of his favorite toys.  Now that’s a scenario that would never happen but still serves as a segue-way into today’s topic, those Kafka-esque bots and cons from Hasbro, THE TRANSFORMERS.  So roll out with Tim and special guest MICHAEL ROOHR as they geek out over names like Hubcap, Gears and Pipes. 

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - “A toast to Cybertron”

00:00:35 - SHARING THE MIKE - geeking out on G1 Transformers / “main theme from “Challenge Of The GoBots”

00:03:04 - FIRST ENCOUNTERS- Mike meets Megatron and gives Huffer a good home

00:08:10 - COMMERCIAL DRAW - Tim loves ads and packaging

00:16:10 - MAKIN’ TRACKS - trying to talk cars

00:23:08 - TECH SPEC SPECTRUM - least favorite toy / most favorite toy

00:31:32 - ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORMASTER MAINTENANCE  - that transforming component

00:36:55 - A BOY AND HIS GNAW - Plastic totems and why these toys matter

00:47:31 - DIE-CAST VALUES - getting choked up over Optimus Prime  

00:53:55 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase /  “Dare”

Watch nearly 40 minutes of the sweet sales-scented advertising the convinced 9 year-old you you just HAD to have these particular Transformers HERE.

Hear George Popadopolis shill some some capitalistic phrasing over the likes of Perceptor and Blitzwing HERE.

And see some of the Transformers host Tim Blevins never wanted HERE, HERE and HERE

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“Love Theme From Challenge Of The Go-Bots”” composed by Hoyt Curtain for the 1984 Hanna-Barbara magnum opus CHALLENGE OF THE GOBOTS.

“Dare” performed by Stan Bush from my 1986 cassette copy of the original motion picture soundtrack to TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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