COMPACT DISC-USSION: “Globalized aversion to a pelican.” (1993)  It was a long walk from Tower Records before two college Freshman got to hear Pearl Jam’s Sophomore effort.  And when they did, it altered the cerebral landscape of their pre-20-something minds.  Clearly  Bob and Tim can rekindle those  same feelings in their 40s as they re-spin  that compact disc … VS.

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - a good line to use
00:00:32 - THE CD IS … VS.- and here is how they got it / “Plush”
00:07:31 - “GO” - Vedder vocals and maybe there are lyrics?
00:12:09 - “ANIMAL” - soundtracking Tim’s freak-out
00:15:17 - “DAUGHTER” - this indie song is not changing the world
00:20:58 - “GLORIFIED G” - titles are hard
00:25:57-  “DISSIDENT” - can’t forget lyrics if you can’t understand them
00:29:00 - “W.M.A.” - etherial, experimental and with a self-important title
00:33:33 - “BLOOD” - meh  … and talking about another song
00:35:59 - “REARVIEWMIRROR” - those clever 20 Somethings and their fantastic driving machines
00:41:25 - “RATS” - It’s a soul patch Charlie brown
00:44:28 - “ELDERLY WOMAN BEHIND A COUNTER IN A SMALL TOWN” - a changing meaning to a meaningful lyric
00:51:54 - “LEASH” - bastards of young … -er
00:55:45 - “INDIFFERENCE” - anti everything … even climactic
00:58:50 -  CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Plush”

Watch the entirely, hand-held camcordered live concert from April 11th 1994 that both Bob and Tim wound up talking about HERE.

Hear the band being interviewed backstage from this very same concert HERE.

See Eddie Vedder strum a guitar while performing Tim’s favorite incredibly lengthy in title song HERE.

And read an oral history of the band’s first 10 years  published even more years ago in SPIN magazine HERE.

The use of audio and video clips linked from YOUTUBE are for educational purposes and without the expressed permission of their legal holding companies.  All rights remain with with their original distributor.

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“Plush” performed by Stone Temple Pilots off their 1992 album CORE as well as acoustically from acoustically from MTV’S HEADBANGER’S BALL and featured on their 2003 Greatest Hits compilation THANK YOU.

All Pearl Jam songa featured in this episode were taken in sequentially listed order off a well worned and well-listened to copy of their 1993 album VS.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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