EFFIN’ SPOILERS: “Don’t stand … don’t stand so … don’t stand so close to me Ross.” (1994)  Will they?  Won’t they?  When they?  Why they? Those were the questions that put Ross and Rachel at the center of the FRIENDS ensemble. But was that romance destined from the start?  And would that knowledge diminish the ten year narrative?  And did Ross have a pet monkey for a whole season?  Bob and Tim try to answer at least two thirds of these questions on today’s Must-See-But-Its-Heard episode.

00:00:00 - SPOILER WARNING - and right into the show … I guess / “Good Intentions”
00:03:42 - RECONNECTING WITH TV’S FRIENDS - Bob and Tim look at Ross and Rachel
00:08:12 - WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY - Bob and Tim look at Sam and Diane
00:10:05 - SPOILER - ruination though TV Guide
00:15:09 - CRUSHES WITHIN THE ENSEMBLE - a relatable series of emotional actions
00:19:17 - THE REVISIONISM OF ROSS - creepy, creepy David Schwimmer
00:23:06 - WASN’T EXPECTING THAT - even though we were all expecting that
00:27:52 - FOR THE DRAMATIC BENEFIT OF BEING ON A BREAK - finally relating to this relationship
00:31:33 - AN UNEXPECTED COUPLING - Bob and Tim look at Chandler and Monica
00:38:24 - RUINING RACHEL’S STORY ARC - thanks for nothing, Ross
00:43:30 - THAT FOREGONE CONCLUSION - and tacking on a finale
00:49:12 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Shoebox”

See Ross and Rachel’s very first scene together HERE

Watch the late 80s prom video that, strangely, brought Ross and Rachel together HERE.

And try your best to sit through just under one hour of Ross HERE.

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“Good Intentions” performed by Toad The Wet Sprocket off their 1995 release IN LIGHT SYRUP.

“Shoebox” performed by Barenaked Ladies as first (?) featured on the 1995 original soundtrack to the television series FRIENDS and later (?) on the band’s 1996 release BORN ON A PIRATE SHIP.  

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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