20th Century Pop! is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.  Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.  Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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HOW DID I MISS THIS? “Actually, I do give a -THUNK- what you think about that.” (1989) Why this film is supersonic. It’s idiotic. It’s disconnecting... not respecting. Why, it’s not Grease … it’s Teen Witch. And today Bob and Tim are struggling to understand how something goes from laughable VHS rental to beloved cult classic.

00:00:00  PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - dog days of October
00:00:41  ITS OCTOBER MONTH - and broaching the topic
00:07:21 TEEN WHAT?- conjuring up a synopsis
00:15:03  ALCHEMIC ATROCITY - and analyzing “Top That”
00:21:33  THE STROKE OF MIDNIGHT MOVIES - what makes a cult following?
00:29:37  BLOOD SUGAR SEX ED CLASS - just another horny ‘80s movie  
00:37:28  CHAOS MAGIK - and “Grease 2” as found footage
00:45:31  FAN AND LOATHING IN POP CULTURE - have we killed off cult movies?
00:55:13  CLOSINGS - contacts, plugs and no catch phrase
00:57:35  SPECIAL FEATURES - a list of potential topics

Wonder why the film didn’t play the way it was previewed with the ORIGINAL MOVIE TRAILER FOR TEEN WITCH.

Compare and contrast the original RHETT AND POLLY PERFORMANCE OF TOP THAT with the years-later homage of KENNETH FROM 30 ROCK’S TOP THAT.

Cringe in good company as the original stars of Teen witch LOOK BACK AT THE SUPERSONIC SCENE.

Recite in unison with the thoroughly informative SEX ED SCENE FROM TEEN WITCH.

Attempt to stomach this SHIT RICHIE SAYS… compilation Youtuber tubeneck2b took the liberty of compiling.

Here … as mentioned .. is our FRIENDS SEASON THREE EPISODE of 20th Century Pop(cast)!

And finally, try and top the extensive research of film journalist Blake Harris with this TEEN WITCH: AN ORAL HISTORY from the film blogging site SLASHFILM.

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