20th Century Popcast is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.   Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.   Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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OK THEN 'SPLAIN IT:  "Go socks."  “Are you ready for some football” was the existential conundrum once offered up by a cowboy hatted philosopher flanked on either side by a blue screened apocalypse.  Truth be told,  Tim wasn’t.  But Bob certainly was.  So this week, one host attempts to understand the other’s fandom of a subject that does not involve robots, super-powers or a flock of seagulls haircut.  

00:00:00 - PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - Deception Kick-off
00:00:22 - CONVERSATIONAL COIN TOSS - and a new sponsor/ “Kick”
00:04:00 - ITS FOOTBALL TIME IN AMERICA - Bob and Tim’s Sunday routine
00:13:32 - GRIDIRON FANDOM - and backyard rules
00:21:56 - STRATEGO - game theory and the structure of the season
00:26:40 - A T-SHIRT MOMENT - the football fan convergence
00:30:43 - PATRIOTIC DUTY - New England pulls a fast one on Bob
00:37:00 - SUPERBOWL SHUFFLE - is liking football like liking music?
00:42:59 - AVOIDING THE CROWDS ON GAMEDAY - why Tim doesn’t like sports
00:53:50 - GOING INTO OVERTIME - throwing in the blanket statement
00:57:55 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Alive And Kicking”
01:00:18 - BONUS FEATURES - a few yawns before podcasting

Join Disney's own talking head pundit Goofy as he takes you through an in depth, step by step (and probably highly copy-written) tutorial on the finer points of football HERE

Wonder aloud why there was no grammy nomination for 1985's SUPERBOWL SHUFFLE HERE.

And witness Tim's tenacious grasp on what football is via this 1981 cinematic clip HERE

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“Kick” performed by INXS off their similarly named 1987 release KICK.

"Alive And Kicking" performed by Simple Minds and off the 1985 album that wasn't The Breakfast club soundtrack, ONCE UPON A TIME.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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