WHY DID I TAPE THIS? is a peek inside a wood cabinet of poorly labeled VHS tapes taking up space in some parents' basement.  Rewind through these years of broadcast television thanks to various archivists and their Youtube accounts.

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Tim remembers commercials for POLTERGEIST, HOUSE and HOUSE 2.  And while far too frightening for his childhood eyes he was still was fascinated by their shared setting of a haunted house.  So, of course, he jumped to the record button when the Disney Sunday Night Movie aired its safety guaranteed take on this genre, MR. BOOGEDY.    It had your candle sticks moving across the table, ghoulish faces peering from behind doors and a token cameo from the Lord Of Darkness.  But these spectral effects were cut with the sitcom antics of the LICENSE TO DRIVE dad,  MARRIED WITH CHILDREN's Bud and the other BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.   It was their shared presence that guided Tim through this otherwise hellish horror show.  And by horror show, I mean that little kid from ALF.   

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MR. BOOGEDY (1986)
starring: Richard Masur, Mimi Kennedy,  Kristy Swanson,   Benjamin Gregory and David Faustino
written by: Michael Janover
directed by: Oz Scott
originally aired on April 20th 1986


  • The script was originally titled CHEAP THRILLS and was intended to be a horror parody starring stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong.
  • Screenwriter Michael Janover also penned the big screen/low budget adaption of one of Tim's favorite paranormal conspiracy theories, THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT (1984).
  • A young (but probably just as intense) Joaquin Phoenix auditioned for the Bud from MARRIED WITH CHILDREN's role.
  • While its intended tv series never materialized,  the film did spawn a made for TV sequel, BRIDE OF BOOGEDY (1987).