20th Century Popcast is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.   Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.   Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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UNSOLICITED COMMENTARY: "What happened to Gonzo's face?" (1982): Tim had a childhood interest in the realm of puppetry, which dovetails nicely into this fondly remembered night terror.  And on today's episode he is talking though his fascination with the THE DARK CRYSTAL in real time.  So, dim the lights, silence your phone and listen to him ramble as you curse the fact you passed on Sno-Caps in exchange for Good-N-Plentis.

00:00:00 - A BRIEF HISTORY OF PLEADING FOR CASH - Tim and Bob are launching a Patreon page / "Pop Muzik"
00:03:43 - SYNCH OR SWIM - Tim's complete audio commentary for THE DARK CRYSTAL
01:36:52 - CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Talk of The Town”

Witness some of the earliest test footage of the astounding puppets from the late 70s HERE.

Listen to Frank Oz explain the complexities of operating the Aughra puppet while also giving her a familiar voice HERE

Watch Jim Henson and Frank Oz discuss the characters of The Dark Crystal with a chafingly dry BBC host HERE.

And hear the full story in an abbreviated book on tape fashion via this .. ah ... er .. video ...of a book ...with accompanying mp3 audio HERE.

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“Pop Muzik” performed by M off his 1979 debut album NEW YORK LONDON*PARIS*MUNICH. 

"Talk Of The Town" performed by The Pretenders off their 1981 album PRETENDERS II.

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