WHY DID I TAPE THIS? is a peek inside a wood cabinet of poorly labeled VHS tapes taking up space in some parents' basement.  Rewind through these years of broadcast television thanks to various archivists and their Youtube accounts


Before his CD collection showed signs of idol Westerberg worship, Tim use to air-guitar to musical tracks from this 1987 Disney Sunday Night movie, DOUBLE SWITCH.  Basically the "Prince And The Proper" with a Flock Or Seagulls haircut, this childhood favorite stared not one (George Newbern) but two (Elizabeth Shue) actors from ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING.  Originally airing in two parts, Tim made sure two tape them both for maximum mix tape performance (which, in 1987, meant a steady hand on the rewind button of the VCR).

clip posted on YOUTUBE bymattpalm11710 

starring: George Newbern, (BARTHOLOMEU / MATT),  Elizabeth Shue (KATHY), Michael Des Barres (SIMON), Rick Overton (Zinkster)
written by:   John McNamara and Peter Noah  
directed by: David Greenwalt
originally aired January 25th 1987


  • DOUBLE SWITCH aired as part of WALT DISNEY'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR,  a television anthology series that ran from 1954 to 1991 and across all three (at the time) major networks
  • Co-writer PETER NOAH when on to be a writer and shown  developer for Tim's favorite sitcom of all time, ANYTHING BUT LOVE.
  • Dual-role actor GEORGE NEWBERN co-starred in the short-lived, SANDRA BULLOCK-led tv adaption of WOKING GIRL as well as voicing one of the main characters in the 1991 animated series PIRATES OF DARK WATER
  • Singer KIP LENNON, who provided the main vocals forNEWBERN'S  Bartholomew character, went on to perform MICHAEL JACKSON's "Happy Birthday Lisa" on the SIMPSON'S episode "STARK RAVING DAD" due to a contractual stipulations that allowed JACKSON to voice but not sing on the cartoon.