WHY DID I TAPE THIS? is a peek inside a wood cabinet of poorly labeled VHS tapes taking up space in some parents' basement.  Rewind through these years of broadcast television thanks to various archivists and their Youtube accounts

It was supposed to be a Saturday morning of cartoons like every other Saturday morning of cartoons in September when Tim's chosen viewing habits were pre-empted by this seemingly unannounced pilot.  Tuning into the MARVEL ACTION UNIVERSE on local channel 61, he was ready to be once more let down by the one-two lack-of-punch that was DINO-RIDERS and ROBOCOP.  But what he was granted was this eye opening, fandom stoking half hour of his favorite comic book come to rapidly-drawn-in-succession life.  Fortunately (due to the lax broadcast standards of the 1980s) he was able to track it down half an hour later on another UHF station and tape it for CGC-graded posterity.

Clip posted on YOUTUBE by HERO NUGGETS.

starring: Earl Boen (MAGNETO), Kath Soucie (KITTY PRYDE), Dan Gilvezan (COLOSSUS)  Susan Silo(THE WHITE QUEEN), John Stephenson (PROFESSOR X), Michael Bell (CYCLOPS)
written by:   Larry Parr  
directed by: Ray Lee
originally aired September 16th 1989


  • Intended as a pilot to an ongoing X-Men series, this episode was produced by borrowing  the production budget from the already in production ROBOCOP cartoon.
  • Director Ray Lee was responsible for some of Tim's favorite cartoons growing up including TRANSFORMERS, INHUMANOIDS and JEM.  He was also involved with some of Tim's least  favorite programming specifically DEFENDERS OF THE EARTH and DINO-RIDERS.  
  • Canadian-born Wolverine was given a (none-too-subtle)) Australian accent due to the (at that time in human history, anyways) popularity of CROCODILE DUNDEE.
  • This episode served as the basis of Konami's 1992 hit arcade cabinet X-MEN.
  • This cartoon was the animated debut of such famous X-Men characters as DAZZLER, THE WHITE QUEEN, PYRO and LOCKHEED.