DON'T CALL IT CONTENT is a sneak-peak look at the exclusive audio and behind the scenes video available on the PATREON page.  Support 20th CENTURY POPCAST and help keep the Flux Capacitor fluxing on this weekly podcast show. 

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So, Bob and I are 34 episodes into our podcast run.  And while the show has definitely grown into itself it still hasn't achieved that sweet, surefire stance stood by so many self-produced, self-promoted, self involved DIY ventures.  That's right, I am talking about  Patreon.  Or, as you might know it, why there are so many Amanda Palmer MP3 of David Bowie songs out there.

Patreon is a fan-based, fan-backed way to financially support creative ventures.  Through it, listeners can opt to "subscribe" to the 20TH CENTURY POPCAST with a monthly donation of either $3, $6 or $9 dollars (I suppose "subscribe" and "donation" possess opposing definitions ... which might be why the first use of "subscribe" was in parentheses).  Each of these donations unlocks a different tier of bonus cont- ... material produced for the exclusive AV experience of the show's biggest fans (potentially called "COWANS" ... although we are still working on the likeness rights for that one).  And so, in preparation of our Patreon campaign, we are granting public views of these private endeavors. 

To start it all off, here is an example of 5 MINUTES TO FAILURE, a weekly, video diary we will be putting up anticipation of each week's episode.  Hopefully these will provide some insight into how this podcast is produced as well as grant a poorly lit look upon the actual hosts of the show. 

So, check out this first entry into an online breakdown with a manic monologue recorded moments before the actual exchange of this week's X-Men episode.   And then check back soon for the official launch of our Patreon page.

We need the money.