5 MINUTES TO FAILURE is a weekly look at the Sisyphus act of creating the web-series NEVERMIND GAIMAN AND NOOSE.  In it filmmaker Tim Blevins confesses aloud while offering an internal monologue in an often conflicting third-person.   And with a video at the end!

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01/11/18 - "While his daily outfits tumble dry, Tim airs some personal laundry about his film project while also maneuvering a semi-shoveled bike path."

If there was a project to be found in procrastination I would be on to the next one by now. 





And its not always mindless, pop-culture-as-avoidance stalling (although Marvel V Capcom: Infinite  has inched me there).  No ... I am absorbing my time by producing low-grade intricate pieces of behind the scenes confessionals like this (and its accompanying video).  I really want to document the struggles, the efforts and the over-all process that are going to bring this next film project a life.  And I think that's an interesting effort.  But, when you're playing the duality of "documentarian" and "documentary topic," that production time soaks up your existence. 

I can ramble for five minutes on camera, or type without spell-checking for 6, and, if it seems raw, its because its raw material.  But I can crap that out with sincerity because ... well ... I like words in the medium.

Its what happens after i make these confessionals ... as I polish up these turds .with downloaded graphics, title-cards and a need to edit.  Its that editing that takes the time,  making it look like ... well ... a final product.  Which ... since the actual intention is the film project, the actual effort remains simply that.  A product.  A promotion.  A cheap reminder of something to come.  I am not out to make a documentary on a struggling artists because ... well,  an actual artist produces actual art.  So without that ... its just ... a video flogging of self-flattulation.  (no ... I don't think those are all words.)

And yet I persist in it.

So ... I've been up for two and a half hours already.  All just to get this accompanying video up to Youtube and this typed post to accompany that.  I am going to give it a quick once over ... making sure the only misspellings are thematic, and then let it sit while I cue up a playlist of Mitski and simmer down on the couch.  All in an attempt to break five pages into its appropriate number of shots.

Yeah ... i am hoping to story-board the first episode over the next two days.  If you find me talking about it here ... chances are ... I have not gotten far.

Cue "TOWNIE" by Mitski.



Tim is Tim Blevins, writer and director of the upcoming web-series NEVERMIND GAIMAN AND NOOSE.  He is not Michael Rappaport.