5 MINUTES TO FAILURE is a weekly look at the Sisyphus act of creating the web-series NEVERMIND GAIMAN AND NOOSE.  In it filmmaker Tim Blevins confesses aloud while offering an internal monologue in an often conflicting third-person.   And with a video at the end!


01/05/18  "Shivering through record snowfalls and a week-long cold Tim ,attempts to fight the fever and diagnose exactly what his new film project "NEVERMIND GAIMAN AND NOOSE" is all about."

So i am typing this out at a rapid rate ... the sort of pace that would benefit from a second pass of spiel-checking ... as demonstrated by the often-incurred-but-this-time-intentioal misspelling of  the word "spell-check.".   But why the rushed and hushed hitting of keystrokes here?  Bevause .. all too often i spend all too much time working on the proper presentation of pieces meant to remind everyone that I am actually creating WORK!  Weekly WORK.  Creative WORK!  All sorts of unfinished WORK!  And why do they remain unfinished?  Because they all exists beneath the pressure of this current deadline ... being late to WORK!

So let's keep this one brief.  As I look back on what i said above ... I am wasting far too much time writing about writing this new film project.  but ... with two videos not existing as examples of that effort ... I have to question ... where's the actual effort?  I have a solid draft of the first episode written up and ready to be story-boarded.  THAT should be the creative endeavor.  THAT should have soaked up all my early morning rising time today.   But instead ... I fell even further behind just so i could get this blog post up with the same corresponding date as the video its meant to annotate.

The intention seems to be to assure everyone that i am indeed working on a new project.  But the actual work was instead directed on making that assurance known.  I do like having a bit of  behind the scenes documentation of what it will take to do this project.  i just fear that the documentation is becoming the project.  Which won't lead to much more extraneous footage that another talking head confessional and the Canva-designed Jpegs that accompanies it.

At least we've got this post ... right?



Tim is Tim Blevins, former writer and director of the film SUBSTITUTE CULTURE.  And also this post.

Tim is Tim Blevins, former writer and director of the film SUBSTITUTE CULTURE.  And also this post.