20th Century Popcast is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.  Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.  Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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RETRO SHOCK:  "More tings for your ears."  (1997)  Are you burnt out on all those divisive arguments about The Last Jedi?   Then why not warp factor another fanbase into the conversation by way of the Final Frontier.    That's right, today Bob and Tim are finally talking a bit about Star Trek by way of "TREKKIES," a 1999 documentary that doesn't quite know if its mocking or embracing this sci-fi subset (nor do Bob and Tim).

00:00:00  PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - revisiting a Jeff Dunham story
00:00:55  OPENING PICK-UP LINES - and restating the Retro-Shock / “Space Age Love Song”
00:04:44  STAR-DATE MAY 21ST 1999 - a federation of fandom
00:11:26  NERDS ON FILM - were we laughing at them or … no we were laughing at them
00:17:02  GOOD MEMORY/BAD MEMORY - Trepidatiously going back to where we’ve gone before
00:18:20  MODERN DAY - Protoypical Fandom  / “Star Trekin”
00:27:00  PICKIN’ ON DORKS - and where does Roger Nygard stand?
00:34:21  ORTHODON-TREK  - shoving your fandom down their throats
00:41:57  COMMANDER TAKES THE STAND - ideals and delusions
00:47:03  DOUCHE JOCKEYS - and pretending not to get it
00:51:51  UNLEASH THE SPINNER-FEMS - a thin line between fan and fanatic
00:59:50  JERKIES - are Bob and Tim a**holes
01:05:55  GOOD REALITY/BAD REALITY - an immature frontier
01:10:06  CLOSINGS - Contacts, plugs and no catchphrase / “Rocket Man”
01:01:11  BONUS FEATURES - One final reminder

Prep your boldly going with the original trailer for the documentary subject of today's episode HERE.

Hum along with The Firm's very non-Weird Al novelty tune "Star Trekin'" (and then wonder who the Firm were) HERE.

Countdown until the acid kicks in during William Shatner's 1978 Science Fiction Film Awards performance of Elton John's "Rocket Man" HERE.

And since we're trekkin' through tunes, beam into this ballad about Star Trek: First Contact (I think) as performed by Debs And Erol  HERE (and then subscribe to their web page HERE).

Learn where Tim learned about the more erotic aspects of cosplaying  with a scene from today's topic  HERE.

Watch the "Captain Pike" scene that Bob and Tim could not get enough of HERE.

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“Space Age Love Song ” performed by A Flock Of Seagulls off their hairstyle of a 1982 debut album A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS.

"Star Trekin'" performed by The Firm and featured on their 1987 album SERIOUS FUN ... seriously .. who is The Firm?

"Rocket Man (I Think It's going To Be A Long long Time) " originally penned by Bernie Taupin and Elton John for the 1972 album Honky Chateau only to be psycho-somatically remixed by pop alchemist William Shatner at the 1978 SCIENCE FICTION FILM AWARDS.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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