20th Century Popcast is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.  Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.  Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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ORIGIN STORIES: "Rock the Kobayashi Maru."  (1982)  Here's some 'ting to put in your ear as Tim welcomes video editor Jason Smith to talk about his life-long hero, Captain Kirk, his favorite film, The Wrath Of Khan and how hiding out in a theater lobby course-directed his entire life.  Its a run-on sentence that works better as an episode as they discuss the greatest movie sequel of all time that isn't the Empire Strikes Back.  It'll be a warp factor FUN!

00:00:00  PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - Finally … a Chris Hardwick reference
00:00:49  NOT BOB BUT STILL TIM WITH … - Jason Smith, video editor and behind the scenester
00:07:12  CROSSING THE RUBI-KHAN - Jason (eventually) loves Star Trek II
00:11:56  INTERGALACTIC EMPLOYMENT - Kirk as Trickster and finding the original series
00:18:31  INTER-LEWD - an uncredited fart
00:18:46  WHAT I LUKE ABOUT YOU - ‘bout time for a brief Star Wars digression
00:19:40  RET-KHAN - The J.J. Abrams Paradox
00:24:54  SPACE AGING - chasing the twilight of T.J. Hooker
00:36:18  THE COUNTER-PHOBIC RESPONSE- terrifying tings to our ears
00:42:55  TREK FOR TOTS - kid-tested but did your mother approve?
00:51:04   KHAN IS A DISH BEST SERVED HOW? - and will you show this to your next generation
00:57:01  CLOSINGS - contacts, plugs and no catchphrase

Prepare to boldly go where summer audiences had yet to go with the original trailer for the 1982 film classic STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN HERE.

Peer from behind the lobby door as they put 'tings in Chekov's ears during this harrowing clip from the film HERE.

Relive some Pin-Striped promotion from Leonard Nimoy and the rest of the cast with these vintage interviews on the production of the film HERE.

Listen as Ricardo Montalban re-khants how the idea of the film was first brought to him HERE

Encounter the cosmic struggles faced by the production crew in their attempt to launch this film into production with this retrospective from DEN OF GEEK HERE.  

Read some S**t My Shatner Says on why Wrath Of Khan still resonates with this interview from THE NERDIST HERE.

Engage Warp Factor Talk (-sigh-) with this half hour retrospective of the production of The Wrath Of Khan HERE.

Embrace you inner-Trekker with this clinical list of subtle changes between the theatrical and director's cut of the film as presented on MOVIE CENSORSHIP.com HERE.

And watch film director Nicholas Meyer endure the spotlight of a Trekkie convention during this 2014 Q & A session HERE.

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