20th Century Popcast is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.  Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.  Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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BOOK AND PODCAST: "We're describing the ruckus, sir."  (1984-1991)  How have we not talked about John Hughes?  His movies defined what it meant to come of age in the 1980s.  But do they continue to ring relevant in this modern age?  Or are our memories of these films just  misappropriated nostalgia?   Such is the question Tim's nervous to ask of today's special guest, author and cultural critic, Kevin Smokler (and ...actually ... that's two questions).

00:00:00  PASSABLE INTRO - Tim’s morning voice starts off the show
00:02:41  NOT BOB BUT STILL TIM WITH … Kevin Smokler, author of “Brat Pack America: A Love Letter To ‘80s Teen Movies”
00:07:34  FILM BUFFER - medium before meaning
00:14:01  BRANDING THE ‘90s - and Tim pretends to know “lingua franca” 
00:24:55  NEW WAVE ROMANTIC - desperately wanting to be in Desperately Seeking Susan
00:32:24  POP CULTURE APOCRYPHA - loosing the language of film
00:38:02  UNSTUCK IN TIME - and the danger of nostalgia
00:44:41  THE BREAKFAST BOOK-CLUB - why write about this
00:52:45  THE BREAKFAST BOOK-PLUG - go read “Brat Pack America”
00:54:57  CLOSINGS - contacts, plugs and no catchphrase

Continue with the conversation Kevin Smokler started by visiting his personal website HERE.

Head back to High School via the library with this interview of him discussing ANOTHER book of his HERE.

And for a far more intricate and scholarly look at the films of the 1980s, follow the words that make up the sentences in Kevin Smokler's BRAT PACK AMERICA: A LOVE LETTER TO 80S TEEN MOVIES available at your favorite independent bookseller (such as the HARVARD BOOKSTORE) as well as on AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE  and ITUNES.

You can also follow Kevin Smokler on TWITTER @Weegee

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