20th Century Pop! is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.  Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.  Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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LIST-A-RAMA-A-GO-GO: "Stranded at the indoor drive-in" (1983-1989).  With the summer heat crashing their weather channel apps, Bob and Tim are taking solace in the cinema of their youth.  And what unfolds out of focus isn't some escapist screenings meant to wait out the 80s.  These are the big screen projections that inititated their life-long exploration of pop culture. So, turn down those lights (where applicable) and thrill to this full hour like it was Krull.

00:00:00  PRE-SHOW PRATTLE - an effin’ spoiler for the episode
00:00:58  THE GREAT INDOORS - seeing summer movies in the 1980s
00:05:21  BOTH OF THEIR NUMBER FIVES - animated antics of a shared universe
00:12:49  PARENTAL GUIDANCE REJECTED - a pattern begins
00:17:11  BOB’S NUMBER FOUR - is not “Fletch”
00:22:25  TIM’S NUMBER FOUR - cartooning it up
00:28:56  TIM’S NUMBER THREE - is Bob’s Number One
00:35:01  BOB’S NUMBER THREE - is Tim’s Number One
00:40:27  BOB’S NUMBER TWO - and his eldest bikes alone
00:46:31  TIM’S NUMBER TWO -  tv titans go to the movies
00:53:43   A BIGGER SCREEN TREATMENT - and viewing it through Kid Goggles
01:00:02   CLOSINGS - contacts, plugs and no catch-phrase
01:02:42  SPECIAL FEATURES - a shapely toot

SPOILER ALERT:  In a sequential order that (sort of) spoils any anticipated surprise to what is on Bob and Tim's respective TOP FIVE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS OF THE 1980S THAT WE SAW AT THE MOVIE THEATER WHEN THEY CAME OUT (phew) ... here are some trailers.

Try and guess the culprit with the strangely extended ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TRAILER FOR WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT.

Have no idea what the movie will probably be about with the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TEASER TO BACK TO THE FUTURE.

Wonder where the Annie Potts shout-out went with the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TRAILER TO GHOSTBUSTERS 2.

Compose your own score to coincide with the final 28 seconds of this ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TRAILER TO BATMAN.

Listen to the narrator of HARDWARE WARS tell you there is another Star Wars movie with the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TRAILER TO RETURN OF THE JEDI.


Try and imagine what the audience for Stallone's COBRA made of this when they were screened the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TRAILER TO TRANSFORMERS: THE MOVIE.

And ... as a bonus ... here's the video for Stan Bush's THE TOUCH that took two people to direct.

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“Super Poupi ” (opening theme) and "Poupi Great Adventures: The Arcade Game" (closing theme) performed by Komiku from the 2018 album POUPI'S INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES available at Freemusicarchives.org.   Cleared for public domain use through Creative Commons under a CCO 1.0 Universal License.   

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