20th Century Pop! is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.  Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.  Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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BINGE AND PODCAST: “Hark the Hasselhoff he sings.” (1983-1992) So what’s on your Christmas list? Talking K.I.T.T. car? Peach Pit play-set? Brass fastener with some chewing gum? Well take a break from checking it twice and join Bob and Tim as they watch out and don’t cry over Christmas episodes of MacGyver, Knight Rider and Beverly Hills 90210.

00:00:51  O COME ALL YE PHONY - the oft referenced radio voice
00:02:40  DECEMBER 18th 1989 - and Bob usually loves MacGyver
00:07:37  ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TROPE(S) OF THE YEAR -  Saving the rec center while hating this Christmas stuff
00:13:00  NOT MARION ROSS - The magical Bag-lady
00:17:10  CAROL OF THE DUMBELLS - and the horrifying implications of magic in the MacGyver universe
00:24:24  DECEMBER 18TH 1983 - explaining Christmas to a car
00:30:51  O TINO-BAUM - and a quick reminder its Christmas
00:37:51  I’LL B PLOT FOR CHRISTMAS -  but is it festive enough?
00:43:15  DECEMBER 16TH 1992 - A not so Wonderful Zip-code
00:48:39  PUBLIC DOMAIN PITCH MEETING - and the antagonist is a garbage truck
01:00:43  HIGH CONCEPT A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS - and just what is Bob’s problem with this one?
01:07:43  CLOSINGS - contacts, plugs and no catch phrase
01:10:25  SPECIAL FEATURES - What Don’t you Get A Michael For Christmas (When he already has a K.I.T.T.)?

Stream it like an (abridged) advent calendar by watching the season 5 MACGYVER episode “THE MADONNA” on AMAZON PRIME, “SILENT KNIGHT” from KNIGHT RIDER on NBC.COM and “IT’S A TOTALLY HAPPENING LIFE” from BEVERLY HILLS 90210 on HULU.com. All sites unaffiliated with 20th Century Pop! and Calamity House Productions.  Rental and subscription rates may apply.

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“Super Poupi ” (opening theme) and "Poupi Great Adventures: The Arcade Game" (closing theme) performed by Komiku from the 2018 album POUPI'S INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES available at Freemusicarchives.org.   Cleared for public domain use through Creative Commons under a CCO 1.0 Universal License.   

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