20th Century Pop! is a podcast that tries to understand the present by living in the past.  Each week hosts Bob and Tim take a sociological look at the pop culture of the '80s and '90s.  Its a ruining of their childhood that hopefully explains how they became adults.

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EFFIN’ SPOILERS: “Nobody knows the Matrix I’ve seen.” (1999) It's (two weeks into) the New Year!  Its also the 20th anniversary of the Wachowski’s paradigm smashing, sci-fi spectacle, The Matrix. So dial up the modem, tolerate that Prodigy and get woke as Bob and Tim dive into just what it was that the Matrix was.

00:00:00  SPOILER WARNING - and its serious
00:00:32  IT’S A NEW YEAR - and an old segment
00:04:46  NOT YET A SPOILER - first impressions of The Matrix trailer
00:12:42  MOVING IN SLOW-WOAH - bullets, squids and some liquid metal
00:18:51  A CONSPIRACY FOR DUNCES - and Star Wars on the horizon
00:24:08  MIND UNBLOWN - when a concept becomes common place
00:31:12  MAINSTREAM RELOADED - do we go back to this (or any) movie?
00:41:10  FILMS LIKE THE FIRST TIME - what movie would you like to re-experience?
00:45:23  CLOSINGS - contacts, plugs an no catch phrase
00:49:29  SPECIAL FEATURES -the music of Star wars

Wonder what the eff it felt like to wonder what the eff the matrix is with the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TRAILER FOR THE MATRIX.

See if you would’ve instead seen the movie opening opposite The Matrix with the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL TRAILER TO 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU.

View some of the original Geoff Darrow and Steve Skroce artwork that helped envision what the eff this vision would look like in THE MAKING OF THE MATRIX: WHAT IS THE CONCEPT.

Learn a bit of how difficult this difficult movie was to make (alongside its two follow-ups) with STRANGE THINGS THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED ON THE SET OF THE MATRIX.

Pop a bunch of blue pills and relive the glory of a 1999 website with this MYTH MEETS INTERNET IN THE MATRIX 1999 article from CNN.com.

Thank SLASHFILM.com for getting you a front row seat as co-director LANA WACHOWSKI EXPLAINS THE PHILOSOPHICAL INTENTIONS OF THE MATRIX TRILOGY during an panel discussing 2012’s “Cloud Atlas.”

Slide out to some bad lip-synching to some bad Bob Segar with ALF PERFORMING OLD TIME ROCK AND ROLL from that sorry-it-was-an-80s-hit ALF.

Avoid an unfortunate browser history by clicking this direct link to the FIGRIN D’AN AND THE MODAL NODES ENTRY ON WOOKIEPEDIA..

And, finally, learn the horrifying in-universe origin of the Matrix with THE SECOND RENAISSANCE: PART ONE and THE SECOND RENAISSANCE: PART TWO from 2003’s THE ANIMATRIX (its pretty harrowing).

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