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You guys want to talk current events?  How about a month old movie trailer for the most anticipated movie of 2017 that everyone has already seen multiple times except for Bob and Tim.  That’s what they are talking about today in the return of their ongoing STAR WARS CHALLENGE in which they share their views on trying to avoid the aforementioned trailer all in lieu of a proper episode for the week.

PODCAST SHOUT ABOUT:  Want to scrutinize the Star Wars film in time-lapsed real time?  Then check out the STAR WARS MINUTE a daily podcast that walks you through 60 seconds of the entire saga per episode.  Hear it HERE and subscribe to it on ITUNES.

This episode of 20TH CENTURY POPCAST was recorded by ZENCASTR, a high fidelity podcast recording platform that records multiple guests from multiple zip-codes all as if they were in the same room.   Log on for studio quality recordings NOW! (exclamation point also provided by ZENCASTR)


“Parade Of The Ewoks” composed and conducted by John Williams from the original motion picture soundtrack to the 1983 film RETURN OF THE JEDI

“Video To Radio" performed by Kidd Video off their self-titled 1986 debut.

The use of these songs are for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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