“Getting the band back together just in time to say ‘WE’RE IN’.”

Tim has tired of saying the word “heist” but Bob thinks they should get back in the game to speak that word just one more time.  But to talk about a HEIST they’ll need a crack team of operatives to talk ABOUT.  So, in today’s bonus episode, they follow up last week’s discussion of THE USUAL SUSPECTS by rounding up a band of personal pop culture picks.

This episode of 20TH CENTURY POPCAST! was recorded by ZENCASTR, a high fidelity podcast recording platform that records multiple guests from multiple zip-codes all as if they were in the same room.   Log on for studio quality recordings NOW! (exclamation point also provided by ZENCASTR)


“Theme From The A-Team” composed by Mike Post for the 1983 NBC television series THE A-TEAM 

The use of this songs is for entertainment purposes and without the expressed permission of the recording artist.

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